about the studio:

Cacophony Recorders is a unique place amongst the myriad of studios in Austin. We strike a balance between the comfort of a home studio and the technical capabilities of a professional studio. The first thing you will notice when you walk into Cacophony is the tall ceilings (essential in huge drum sounds), accented by large windows overlooking the Colorado River valley (essential for personal sanity). You will also notice that there is no separate control room from the recording room, which is a conscious choice on our part. The communication between producer, engineer and artist is much easier when everyone is in the same room and makes for a much more enjoyable recording experience. Sonic decisions can be made via excellent isolation headphones or a selection of isolation booths. Monitoring is top notch, so you can trust to have everything transfer as smoothly as possible from the studio to the real world. We try to make the recording at Cacophony seamless enough that you can forget about the technical process and use the studio as a creative environment.


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